Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barcelona Chairs and Pilates Reformers

I had a great time visiting Gratz Industries for a meeting last week (for a top secret project!).  Gratz began in 1929 and is the original manufacturer of the Barcelona Chair and the Pilates Reformer machine.  They also design and fabricate custom furniture and other interior components such as the glass wall shown below. I'm excited to work with them on my current project and hopefully more in the future.

To read more about the history of the company, click here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love this Giant

Of course David Byrne and St. Vincent should collaborate!! Why didn't I think of it myself! I can't wait until the whole album, Love This Giant, is out.  But until then we have this video.

Great Finds at the Flea

I had a great time discovering the old and new at the Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Murder of Crows

Last week I went to see the life changing, mood altering "sound play" entitled Murder of Crows at the Park Avenue Armory.  In the vast hall there is a small, dim pool of light, with a circle of chairs.  Half occupied by speakers, half are empty, inviting visitors to sit and be enveloped in a world of sound.  You can sit in the chairs, lay on the floor, or walk through the forest of speakers clustered in the center of this large room.

In the center of the circle is this lone phonograph, with a woman's voice speaking from within.