Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angel Oak

While in Charleston, South Carolina this month, I had the opportunity to see Angel Oak. This Southern Live Oak tree is located in Angel Oak Park on John's Island in South Carolina. It is believed to be over 15oo years old and provides over 17,000 square feet of shade. To me it looks as though 5 or more trees had grown together into one.

These Live Oaks, found all over Charleston, are generally much smaller and have Spanish moss growing on their branches. This one appeared not to have any moss growing on it, and because some of its branches are so huge, they have been supported with metal stakes underneath them.

Unfortunately we got there just minutes after they closed the gate for the evening, so these pictures were taken from outside the fence.

To get a better idea of the scale, check out the picture of a person standing next to Angel Oak in the Wikipedia entry here.

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