Sunday, November 15, 2009


As I've been working with and researching cubes as part of the design for the house I'm working on in studio class, I decided to watch this movie, Cube. Its actually pretty stupid, and the acting is horrible, and I'm sorry to say that I did indeed watch the entire thing.

Here's the basic story line: 6 people awaken to find themselves trapped in a giant labyrinth of shifting rooms that are cubes. There are doors on each side that lead to new rooms, some with deadly traps, each marked with a number that contains a code as to the room's placement and line of movement along a Cartesian coordinate system. The people trapped inside must work together and solve the puzzle to find their way out and avoid the deadly traps!

Please don't watch it. Its so bad. But please feel free to watch the trailer if you're intrigued.

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