Thursday, July 1, 2010

Me and My Gomesi, Part I

That's Sylvia, my beautiful hostess, getting ready for her brother's Kwanjula.  I'm staying at her place in the area of Namuwongo in Kampala.

All the ladies all dressed up in their colorful Gomesis. I bet you can't tell which one is me.

Loading up the trucks with gifts for the bride's family. Gifts include: cow, goat, chickens, dresser, baskets of food, and other household items.

Looking down the driveway from Sylvia's parents house on top of a hill in Kampala.

Waiting in the shade....

Two weeks ago, I got dressed up in a Gomesi, a traditional Bugandan outfit, and attended a Kwanjula, or Introduction wedding ceremony for Sylvia's brother and his fiancĂ©e.

Click here for Part II.

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  1. Gomesis are so interesting! I love the big sash they tie around the waist... They look a bit like kimonos! I've actually been researching Ugandan dress for the play I'm working on, glad to see people actually wear them and look so great!