Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Line / Ralph Lemon @ Moma: Performance 14

"If a line is the trace of a point in motion, a human figure moving through space is drawing in air. This program of performances, organized in conjunction with the exhibition On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century and MoMA's ongoing Performance Exhibition Series, moves drawing into three dimensions."

These photos are from performance 14 in this series and presents the choreography of New York-based artist Ralph Lemon (American, born 1952).

"It was hard for me to relate to this at first. In fact at first I didn't like it.  The performers were at opposite ends of the stage, the woman crying, the man seemingly self involved in his own movements within a small square of space.  She was crying and sinking to the ground, he was waving his arms around his body.  Then slowly, imperceptibly, they both began to orbit around each other.  I almost couldn't tell - they still hadn't acknowledged each others' presence.  But they were moving.  At times stopping, movement only in the arms around the body.  The woman was no longer crying.  Then finally without warning they collided into each other.  The collision was most interesting to me.  Was it because it was simply more dynamic, fast paced and exhilarating to see the performers falling onto each other, tripping each other, and leaping headfirst across the stage?  Or was it because it made me uncomfortable?

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