Monday, February 21, 2011


A piano, a violin, a man, a woman, the color blue: mix it all up and you get the up and coming Chicago based band Paper Thick Walls.

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There's a diversity in the songs, yet unified by their own unique style.   But the song where their true originality and beauty shines through is in Infinite, where there is an almost clashing mixture of verse and chorus sounds that is unexpected and great, and then at the end it floats off on a tangent of ghost like voices.  Its the fact that it catches you off guard that makes it my second favorite.

But my absolute favorite song on the album is Masters At The Sea which makes me feel like what I would imagine it would be like to be out at sea, surrounded by the vast, unending, powerful, terrifying ocean, the big wall of sound like a wave.  When you hear the sad, urgent call of the guitar, violin, and piano, you know you are about to hear a tale of adventure, sadness, and beauty.

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