Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective

I went to see the Richard Serra Drawing exhibit at the Met last week.  Really really interesting work.  Most of the drawings shown were done using a melted paint stick on large sheets of paper.  He also created a few site specific drawings for this show, and those were my favorite.  Here are my sketches of those drawings.

Its amazing to me that with just a subtle change in his interventions in each of these corners, the result was a huge difference in one's experience of the corner.  All the more interesting by the fact that each one is the same size and height.

As an architect, Richard Serra's work is very relevant in that he has a unique ability to play with our perceptions of a space without us even noticing that he's doing so. This was the first time I have seen his drawings, and they were almost more powerful to me than the sculptures, because they provided a window into his thought process and his ideas about form, gravity, force, and weight.  

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