Monday, October 31, 2011

New Haven Site Montages

In studying our site for studio, more about which you can read here, I have composed these photo montages of the street view from both ends of the site.  Click on them to enlarge.

And below are a few of my favorite photos of the day, walking around the area.

Yale Art Gallery by Louis Kahn, with Richard Serra sculptures in the sunken courtyard.

Yale Repertory Theater, and just to the left of it is the Yale Center for British Art, another Louis Kahn building.

Nice roofs.

See the all those skylights in the top right of the photo?  That's the roof of the Yale Center for British Art.

There are a lot of walled in courtyards, which make for some interesting street views such as this.

And this.

Another walled in courtyard, with people sitting outside of it.

Another street view of the Yale Center for British Art, with beautiful orange barrels framing the view.

And this is our site.

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