Monday, May 4, 2009

A Chance to Get it Right

This is an involved story. I promise there's a point.

I've got a friend. Whose got a friend. His name is Francis Dunnery. Francis makes nice music. Check it out - you might like it.

Have you heard of the band Yes? Yes? You have? Before Yes, there was The Syn. One of its members was Steve Nardelli. Steve eventually left The Syn, and the other members joined up with other musicians and became Yes. But what happened to Steve? He went off to make his career in the fashion and sports industry...

One day, not too long ago, Francis was at a soccer game, and was introduced to Steve Nardelli by a friend. When Francis realized who Steve was, he suggested they make an album together. And that is the point of this story. Their album - Big Sky, A Chance to Get it Right - is really beautiful. Their styles blend perfectly. I'm no good at describing music, so listen to it and see for yourself.


  1. I think I listened to the original Syn. I was a Big fan of yes though.

    Damn, how old am I today???

  2. I've listened to the Big Sky album and they certainly got it right, it's amazingly beautiful. Dunnery and Nardelli do compliment each other perfectly and let's hope for much more from them.