Monday, June 15, 2009

The High Line

Yes, at long last, The High Line has opened! Well, just part of it for now.

For the time being, you must enter at the first entrance on Gansevoort Street and Washington Street, but can exit at any of the exits located every few blocks up to 20th Street. There is an elevator entrance on 16th street as well.

Leora and I spent the afternoon walking along the path of the new park. It was pretty crowded of course, because this park is one of a kind and absolutely amazing. (We even had a butterfly visitor.) The old elevated train tracks, that sat rusting away for years, are now the home to a free public park. The plants grow alongside and in between the old rusty train tracks, and from this elevated vantage point you get a new, unique view of the city and river. Some parts of the track go through existing buildings, some parts veer off into dead ends, and there is also a giant glass window overlooking the street where it turns slightly west.

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