Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Favorite Youtube Phenomenon

I wanted to write about the Frying Pan - a boat rescued from the Chesapeake Bay now docked on the West Side of Manhattan and functioning as a party space with a full bar and grill.

I also wanted to write about Make Music New York, happening today all around the city, where over 850 bands take to the streets and perform outdoors for everyone.

But alas my dear readers, I have been feeling ill and have not been running around having fun and snapping pictures as I generally like to do. However, there is something, or rather someone, I have been wanting to share for some time now that I will now share with you.

Stevie Ryan. She is one of those people you hear or read about who started making movies one day and putting them up on YouTube (with a video camera she borrowed from her boyfriend). Not only do people love them, they get literally millions of views, and she now has her own online channel, and is also hired for commercials, music videos and other short film projects.

Stevie first gained notoriety for her fictional video blog of her Mexican America character, LittleLoca. Some of her other characters are Sceney Sceneable, Ooolala, Jaime Lynn, and Ally. She also had done a few videos for the Hairroin Hair Salon in L.A.
Below are one video from each of her characters. I strongly urge you to watch the rest! They're hilarious.

And I had to include this awesome father's day video too. Happy Father's Day everyone!

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