Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last day on Ssese Islands: Buried Dog, Digging Ant, & Some Children

Lunch time: Fresh Fish in Ground Nut Sauce (they're a bit like peanuts, but different), Matoke, Rice, Avocado, Yam...

Local Coca Cola Ad.

First we tried to bury the dog in the sand.

Then we watched an ant dig a hole in the sand for about two hours.  Then the ant grabbed a dead ant and put it in the hole.  Very strange.  Perhaps its an ant grave?

Lake Victoria. So beautiful, so warm, but watch out for Bilharzia!

These kids from the island decided to show us around.

Some last shots of Hornbill Campsite before leaving....  I will return to you one day!

That little blue cabin is where Almas and I stayed.

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