Monday, July 13, 2009

My Pride

Tripped on the sidewalk
Wounded my pride.
Put a band-aid on it
And put it to bed.
Bought it some flowers.
"Why thank you," it said.
"I'm gaining back my
Strength, but I feel I
May still need more rest yet.
"When do you think you'll
Be back up and running?"
I nervously asked, a rising
Panic building in my chest.
"Hard to say," my pride answered
"That was a bad fall we had
Back there."
"But what will I do without you?
How will I get out of bed every
Morning? How will I go to
work and be the boss I
Need to be? How will I have the
Strength to go on?"
"You'll think of something," it answered.


  1. I wish my pride would take a nap for a bit. It gets in the way.