Saturday, July 18, 2009

PEX Fest '09

At long last, here are the PEX Fest photos...

I took these on a disposable camera, because I was afraid to bring my nice digital and lose it or ruin it. Kate Fry of Done Daisy, who was there with me and Burt, also has some great photos from the event.

Dancing in the Pavilion...

Sitting in a pool of rose petals...

Our cabin. Our neighbors.

Practicing my acrobatics skills.... Trapeze photo taken by Rachel Moore, one of our lovely cabin neighbors.

The Kate Fry.


  1. hey you know I still don't really know what pex fest is but what most appealed to me we're the trampoline (?) with what loookd like crabs underneath ya'll? and the word cabin. I want to go on a religious retreat. So could we have fun together sometime? Everybody likes fun right?

  2. Oh man've really lost it this time!!