Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back To School: Probe #1

Well, that's enough of Africa for now... (there will be more though. I can assure you)

Its time to get back to reality and back to school here in New York in the Gritty City.  We have been given the assignment to design an Urban Agrarian Center on the Harlem River in the Bronx (near Fordham University).  Our site is really beautiful, by the water, and has been taken over by wild plants and trash that have been growing there over the last few years.  It seems to be out of use for now. But we are going to take it over and make it into something where people can grow food, learn about urban farming, eat good local organic food, and hang out in a nice new public park on the river.

Here's an aerial photo of the site:

See that strange looping ramp off the bridge? The site is just north of that.

This is a model of the ramp and bridge done in Rhino.

But first, our professor has asked us to conduct a probe, or rather an analysis (if you don't like the word probe, which I don't) of the site's properties, from a purely geometric and architectonic standpoint.

So here you have it...some photos from the first probe.

Here's the boring explanation...

4 major vectors were established on the site based on existing infrastructure.  These were offset at equal intervals to create a strange new grid, completely derived from the site's own properties. Then points were marked at any place where an element of the site intersected with a line of the grid. These points were suspended over the model of the site (tiny silver bells hung from white thread, hung from a piece of plexi). That's what the photos above are. These are all the images I have at the moment. Process photos perhaps to follow. 


Wassily Kandinsky's Point and Line To Plan
Paul Klee's Pedagogical Sketchbook
And these Paul Klee drawings and paintings:

Old Man Counting

Highway and by-ways
Oil on Canvas

Water-color and gouache on paper on cardboard

And of course let's not forget our sun study.  Done in Google SketchUp.

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