Friday, September 24, 2010

The Boat Ride To The Ssese Islands And A Really Big Tree

Me and Almas took a matatu to Entebbe, where we hopped on a boda boda to the ferry station, and took a 3 hour ferry ride to the big island in the middle of Lake Victoria, part of a collection of islands called the Ssese Islands.

We passed other little islands on the way...

Feet and Alvaro.

Finally we arrived at Kalangala!

We stayed at a really awesome place called Hornbill Campsite, run by a lovely crazy german couple that's been living there for over 20 years running the campsite.  If you go there, you have to stay at Hornbill. Its the only worthwhile place to stay there. 

This is a small nest I saw in a plant on the lake.  Birds are good architects.

I love this white building.

There was a really big tree...we decided to investigate.

Big tree makes a good seat.

Tried to climb it, but couldn't find a strong enough vine.

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