Saturday, November 24, 2012

Discovering Columbus - Tatzu Nishi

Anything that is a physical, built environment, that causes a shift in our perception of something we previously took for granted, is definitely important.  That is something that all architects are searching for in some way or another.  And last week, in Columbus Circle in New York City, I found it in Tatzu Nishi's installation that entirely encompasses the Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle.  

After climbing up 4 flights of stairs, with great views of the city along the way up, you enter what looks like an apartment corridor, which leads to a very comfortable living room.  The only thing out of the ordinary is that Christopher Columbus is standing on the coffee table.  

To me, what is so important about this project is that by simply changing the backdrop of something we completely alter our perception of it.  I have walked past this memorial statue countless times.  But now it stands out in my mind in a different way.  I now have a greater appreciation for this object that is much more a part of my daily life than I realized previously.  

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