Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Movie Theater Musings

Last week I went to the movies with some friends.  It reminded me of everything I hate about the movies - Cheaply built spaces designed to herd people in, then herd them back out, and get them to spend more money in between.  Ugly carpets, bad lighting, nothing really feels clean, unhealthy food, the list goes on.

But ultimately, most of these problems stem from the fact that the typical movie theater typology actually doesn't fit with our movie watching experience.  The first movie houses were designed to simply look like other theaters.  They just replaced the stage with a screen.  To me, that is the beginning of all the problems.  I would like to build a cinema one day that starts at the beginning, and considers movies, how and why we watch them, separately from other forms of theater and performance.

Until then, you can read here about a cinema i designed in school, which I hope one day will become real.  And you can see some photos of this beautiful, but antiquated theater where I was last week.

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